Astrology is an important part of Indian life. The Vedas, the oldest scriptures in the world, have called it the eye through which man can gain knowledge of his worldly life and spiritual self. A knowledge of astrology is essential to understand the real meaning of the Vedas, which basically deal with culture and the civilized life of a man.


In astrology we see the subtle connectivity between the moving stars, the zodiac and human behavior. It has been observed after doing a lot of research that a certain pattern operates between a planet and the characteristics of man. Astrology is not just confined to the Sun sign or the Moon sign, but an exhaustive horoscope can reveal accurate traits and basic characteristics of the person. If the tools of astrology are applied correctly, then the past, present, and future events can be predicted with precision.


Vedic Astrology, which is quite alike Western, Mayan and Egyptian astrology, has the most defined mathematical calculation up to a single degree, to give you the true position of 'your' planets in any given chart. Many people look at their horoscopes on weekly, monthly and yearly basis, which is like reading a book blind folded. Why is it that you want to read the 'inaccurate' future of yourself, when the universe has laid out a rich map of the stars for you to follow? This method has nothing to do with race or religion; it has everything to do with universal science and mathematics.


The best part about Vedic Astrology is that it provides remedies for all bad placements of the planets. The remedies that I will tell you are nothing like what most Vedic Astrologers tell you. Lal Kitab, lighting lamps under tree, feeding animals, flowing material in rivers, etc. nothing of that sort I support right now, not until it's scientifically proven that it helps you, however, what has worked for me.


Many astrologers would claim that having a planet in a bad house, and bad zodiac sign can mean ill luck for the native, but then why so many wealthy, happy people are walking around with bad planets in their charts in bad positions? It's simple; the astrologer who was claiming this was a chump, and never really looked at what 'Nakshatra' the planet was sitting in. Just because your sun is in a week sign and house, doesn't mean you're screwed, because that sun might just giving you the most wealth and fame in its time frame.


Most astrology compatibility done by websites, and astrologers could be very perilous for two people who are about to share their lives together, for a long time. Most of you think about sun sign compatibility or even moon sign compatibility to assess the romance in your relationship, while you couldn't be further from the truth.


My mission is also to acquaint people the true astrology; astrology which is not a pseudoscience, but an actual mathematical chess that has to be played right.