NARENDRA MODI - The Man To Watch Out For

Political parties in Britain, Australia and North America pride themselves on the erudition of their election stratagems, but Modi's campaign was a master-class in contemporary electioneering that broke new ground in the use of social media, the internet, mobile phones and digital technologies. These pioneering techniques brought millions of young people to the ballot box - the holy grail of election strategists everywhere - as Modi trounced the governing Congress Party led by the Gandhi dynasty. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrested a prodigious victory for his party, has spoken at countless meetings and rallies and has acquired a global profile. Yet, the man remains an enigma. His supporters regard him as the visionary, decisive leader India needs today. His detractors see him as a polarizing figure.


How did a 'chai wallah' who sold tea on trains as a boy become Prime Minister of India? Let's decipher Narendra Modi's horoscope/ kundli and numbers of the most important figure in Indian politics today.


Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat when Scorpio ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon. The planetary configuration is as follows: Moon, Mars - Scorpio, Jupiter - Aquarius, Rahu - Pisces, Uranus - Gemini, Pluto - Cancer, Saturn, Venus - Leo, Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Ketu in Virgo.


Narendra Modi’s lagna is Scorpio and Mars and Moon are present in it. Mars here forms one of the Panch Mahapurush Rajayoga called ‘Ruchak’. There are only five Panch Mahapurush Rajayogas in the realm of astrology which enjoy a special power of uplifting the native from nowhere or it is just like a story from rags to riches. This definition of Rajayoga fits in absolutely in the case of NaMo. Contemporary definition of this rajayoga can be that a tea vendor with a dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the country is creating waves throughout being on highest pedestal of the nation. The Moon is debilitated and present in the lagna along with Mars which has cancelled its ‘Neecha’ or negativity to a great level and given the forte of a Rajayoga. The aggression of Modi can be ascribed to this Mars and that is also palpable from his political career. The Moon is debilitated although Neech Bhanga Rajayoga has taken place but a neech or negative planet seldom sheds its deleterious qualities utterly. The Moon represents mind and Modi has his own mind which often turns many people off despite his being a very efficacious story for the last decades.


For politicians the fourth house is very imperative because it exemplifies masses and their opinion. In Narendra Modi’s chart the 4th house is exquisitely fortified by the presence of Jupiter and with Moon in lagna is giving rise to influential rajayoga called ‘Gajakesari’. Jupiter is a benefic planet and a significator for Scorpio lagna. Narendra Modi is a man of the masses and his mass appeal has brought him to his aspiration of becoming Prime Minister. There are many people who hate Modi but his cohorts or those who like him are manifold than his detractors and are incalculably swayed by him.


The 5th house deals with creative wisdom of a person and here 5th house is occupied by Rahu and its lord Jupiter is placed in the 4th house. Modi has many supercilious ideas for this country. He has a knack of presenting his ideas so exquisitely that he presents a third dimension to even a small example of whether the glass is half empty or half full. Rahu’s presence in the 5th house sometimes casts a spell on the intuitive wisdom of a person and leads to illusions. Modi should be extremely careful and aware of his own ideas. If anything can make or break him that is his own ideology and not his party or his opposition.


The 7th house deals with partners and allies and here the lord of the 7th house is Venus and has occupied the 10th house. There is a square between lagna lord Mars and Venus which is not considered very good. Modi's persona is so huge that allies or partners are not comfortable to join hands with him. On the contrary some of the allies of the Party have left the alliance because of his elevation in the Party. This is an issue that Modi needs to tackle very cerebrally.


In astrology 10th house deals with ‘rajya’ or government. In Modi’s chart 10th house is occupied by Saturn and Venus which are being aspected by Jupiter and Mars. This configuration has given Modi immense authority and power to make the administration work proficiently under him. Modi is an able administrator and the Gujarat model is being appreciated by UK and USA too.


Let's get to know what his numbers speak. . .
Born on September 17, 1950; a fate number 8 (1+7) and destiny number 5 (1+7+9+1+9+5+0) native.
`17 ~ One is individualistic and intelligent, give rise to contradictory personality. Sometimes one may be generous to a fault, at other times terribly stingy. One desires to acquire deep knowledge. Sound judgment, creativity and ambition ensure that one reaches top in any activity. One dislikes interference. One may become too obsessed with power and judgment and refuses to delegate work. There may be a vacuum in one's love life or some kind of separation, dissatisfaction or restriction in relationship.


`8 ~ represent wisdom, learning through experience, stability, patience and responsibility. It is associated with self-discipline and control. Make excellent teachers, politicians and counsellors.


`5 ~ Makes one versatile, intelligent and progressive and dislike routine. One is quick thinker and takes fast decisions. Dislike getting involved in work carrying restrictions. Travel improves and widens ones commercial activities. One is usually a good conversationalist and writer. Ones alert mind and enterprising nature brings good openings.


All the above qualities signified by birth, fate and destiny number are replicated in NaMo. Let’s see what else is manifested by him by way of numbers. . .


His numero-scope has arrow of determination and will power which indicates a stubborn and persistent personality with strong opinions. Successful in whatever one undertake.


Has two 1s signifying an objective and balanced outlook towards life with not only able to express himself well, but also understand others. One 5s signifies he is caring, understanding and tolerant, will be able to easily motivate and inspire.
One 7 signifies learn difficult lesson by loss of health, love and possessions - have deep interest in spirituality and metaphysics.
Two 9s signifies one is intelligent but has a tendency to be critical of others.


NARENDRA MODI adds to kabala number 41 represented by Temperance, a transition from a lower to higher. Natives succeed if aims are pure and work persistently. Good orators, politicians and diplomats have it. A number of devious maneuvering, popularity and possibly a fall brought about by the folly of others. One must exercise prudence and caution always.
His first name adds to kabala number 25; a name valuation of success after strife, number of final victory, triumph justly achieved. Fortitude turns fortunes tide in ones favour.


Intensification in his name 4s & 5s ~ practicality, hard-work and resourcefulness

Now we scrutinize the trends and influences, experiences and change those happenstances at various ages known as pinnacle, the signposts on the path of one's life.
His first Pinnacle ended @ 31 (1950 - 1981)
#8 ~ the circumstances may put the young one to work early as a matter of business/ support to the family. There may be feeling of limitations in the beginning but slowly is likely to gather courage, ambition, judgment and finally recognition through executive ability. There is a sound basis laid down for future accomplishment.


His second Pinnacle ended @ 40 (1981 - 1990)
#5 ~ number of progress, movements and advancement. This is a period of changes and exciting possibilities. Cultivating talents especially speech and writing abilities. New experience, meeting new people and travelling great distances also expansion of mental horizons. Adjustment to changes will fetch substantial progress.


His third Pinnacle ended @ 49 (1990 - 1999)
#4 ~ difficult pinnacle, requiring hard-work. This pinnacle emphasizes the need to inculcate system and order in life. There will be hardships and frustration. Sincerity and dedication will bring good results. Organizing skills will be greatly enhanced also a time to lay good foundation - likely rewards for accomplishments.


His fourth and last Pinnacle ended @ 58. . .
#6 ~ this pinnacle is likely to bring in situations which demand, duty and responsibility. A life with humanitarian service getting recognition. Largely, this pinnacle promises progress and growth.


GUJARATs heart desire number 5 vibrates perfectly with MODIs destiny number 5 and he was the 14th (1+4=5) CM of Gujarat. He is currently the 15th Prime Minister of India and India’s Independence Day happens to be August 15, point toward karmic manifestation to be fulfilled. . .


Presently Modi is running through mahadasha of Moon and antardasha of Jupiter since November 2013. Jupiter and Moon both are making a strong Gajkesari yoga in birth chart where Jupiter is placed in the fourth aspecting the tenth house. Jupiter is fifth lord, signifactor for high rank or position of authority, aspecting seventh lord Venus (for position) and planet of masses Saturn placed in tenth house of action which is very significant for democracy. So this is perfect time for fulfillment of a rajyoga as promised in the birth chart and amazingly it has conferred him the cheesy spot that every politician reverie of and more to it he is growing by leaps and bounds and making his presence felt in every nook and corner filled with naiveté .