Just imagine every great Individual we know, we first know them by name and by work, the DNA doesn't matter but name does. So there may be something in the name. All of us are born with immense ossibilities of being great. There is the some destiny our birth date tells and remaining destiny comes from the name we as known by. Know that lies in your name and the destiny take you the place.


Did You Know?

Do you know Abram and Sarai changed their names to Abraham and Sarah when God promised them a child? H is related to child bearing.
Do you know why the name Yacop was changed to Israel and Seemon to Keabha during Biblical time? Their names were changed to Number 7 for spiritual energy.
Do you know Saul of Tarsus' name was changed to Paul when he became a religious leader? S denotes individualism, whereas P indicates introspection and inner peace.
Do you know King Napoleon Buonaparte lost the war in Waterloo after dropping his 'U' in his name? Name before change 10, after the change 13!


Even countries are greatly affected by their vibrations. When Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon it was a country of tranquility and affluence. Now it is a war torn country. Ceylon in numerology adds up to 24, a number for opulence. Sri Lanka adds up to 18 a number for quarrels and wars and hypocrisy. From Burma to Myanmar the number was changed from 15 to 18. Japan adds to 16 a number for rising to the crest and plunge, and 16 represents natural calamities. Second World War was an example of ascend and plummet of Japan in a very short period of time. India adds up to 12, a number for spiritualism and sacrifices. 12 is the planet for Jupiter, the bestower for children. No surprise India is heavily populated. From Siam to Thailand the number was changed from 9 to 24, an affirmative stir. If such a fate can affect a Country what about we ordinary Personal, Professional & Business?


Numerology has been studied and practiced all over the World for thousands of years using numerous alphabets and astrological systems. Like faith there are no positive answers as to why it works, all that we know for sure is that it does. I specialize in providing you with numbers that you can use in earthly and material matters in order to perk up the quality of your life. My primary goal is to promote the use of numerology for everyone regardless of his or her beliefs.


Numerology is a science; there is no magic involved. It won't make you rich instantly but it can help to make you happy, healthy and more financially secure. In the long term I hope that this website and the consultation which I provide will inspire you to study numerology for yourself, your family and friends.