OSHO - The Mystic Philosopher

Osho was one of the greatest story-tellers which the 20th century has ever produced. Osho made the general public aware of religion and modern spiritualism and captured the bookstalls of the entire country by his unconventional religious books. He was provocative but at the same time soothing to the inquisitive mind. The kind of religious and spiritual discourses we see on the television nowadays was begun by Osho and he was the leader in his own right. Osho has produced a record number of books and his outstanding work is going to inspire, provoke and soothe many people in the next few centuries.


What made Osho so controversial and at the same time appealing to the masses, we would like to explore from his horoscope. Osho was born on 11 December 1931 at Kuchwara (Raisen), Madhya Pradesh. At the time of his birth, Taurus was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration was as follows: Pluto - Gemini, Jupiter - Cancer, Neptune - Leo, Ketu - Virgo, Sun - Scorpio, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn - Sagittarius And Rahu, Uranus In Pisces.


When Osho was born, the Taurus lagna was rising on the eastern horizon. The lord of lagna Venus is placed in the eighth house along with Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Moon. Whenever four or more than four planets come together in a sign, they form a powerful yog called pravajra, which is equivalent to a sanyas yog. In astrology, the sixth, eighth and twelfth house are misunderstood but these are the extremely potent houses, capable of doing miracles for the person. This house is related with death, hidden treasure, secret knowledge, sex, etc. Osho’s total philosophy was based on sex, death and hidden knowledge. Osho was drawing crowds towards him right from the beginning with his unconventional, provocative discourses. His book From Sex to Super Consciousness has created a storm which is unparallel till date.


The second house deals with one’s speech. Osho was powerful orator, because the five planets are posited in the eighth house, aspecting second house, bestowed on him great oratory skill. Exalted Jupiter is placed in the third house, which deals with communication and prowess. Osho was bold and courageous and had the ability to communicate with the entire world. The Sun is placed in the seventh house and Rahu occupies the eleventh house. A beautiful trine forms between three planets - Jupiter, Sun and Rahu. Jupiter also aspects the Sun and Rahu, making them extremely powerful. The Sun deals with the soul. Rahu is the mastermind of all tantras that happened in this world and Jupiter rules over absolute knowledge, i.e. wisdom. Osho had great knowledge of tantra. He knew the subtlety of mind and soul. Whatsoever he read and experienced in his life, he could communicate beautifully to his audience.


Let’s get to know what his numbers speak . . .

11 is a master number in numerology and it indicates new beginning on a higher plane with inspirational or psychic qualities. It makes one have high aspirations and fortitude. Here two 1s signifies power plus. Being in the limelight inspires. Public professions and dealing with masses directly and vigorously, using all available media of contacts and communication is apposite. The innate magnetism of this birthdate makes the air hum. It is something intangible which is put across and it quivers and twangs like a sitar or an arrow. Tragedies may occur in your life but these shall only precipitate spiritual understanding.


1 is repeated more than three times in the birth date and connected with 3, 6 or 9 which enabled him to attain international fame.

Presence of 3 in one’s chart gets him/her fertile brain with an excellent memory. One’s realistic and positive approach helps him/her to reach their goals.


His numero-scope has an arrow of schemer, which makes one very good organizer as one has foresight, intuition and self-expression, good students and communicators often have this arrow.


Unreduced destiny number adds to 37; 3+7 = 1 is a good destiny number promising the triumph of long-term ambitions. One is known for powers of leadership, strong will, sovereign mind and initiative. Usually people with destiny number are idealistic, helpful, and invite attention. When they write they are original and very clear in expression. Gain through fortunate friendships and association with the opposite sex.


OSHO adds to kabala number 22, the significance of which is derived from the fact that it is the sum of 3 (the trinity), 7 (the number of planets) and 12 (the signs of the zodiac). It thus connects the spiritual and the material. It also represents the illuminated intellect and is a master number.


Dual O gives one tolerance and an understanding of human nature.

RAJNEESH adds to kabala number 27 which is represented by the scepter. It is an excellent number, promising authority, power and fame. One has courage and the power to think and act independently. One is creative, especially literary, endeavors will be successful. A high-voltage, magnetic number. A name valuation of prosperity and is a number of karmic-reward.


In his chart, we also find the cycle of seven years which kept on unfolding new dimensions of his personality, right from the beginning. When Osho was seven-years old, his grandfather died while travelling in a bullock cart and he and his grandmother had to deal with the dead body the entire night. That had a very subtle influence on his child’s mind and fear of death vanished once and for all on reaching adolescence. Again an encounter with death of one close relative had the same influence on him. According to Osho, he became enlightened when he was 21 years old and this experience was of his death and coming alive. Osho was different from then onward and this pattern of seven years continued till the very end. There was a radical change in his life as well as career after every seven years. This pattern ended at the age of 56 years, around the time Osho returned from US with certain disappointments. After that, Osho did not live long and died in 1990.