SACHIN TENDULKAR - The God's Gift To Cricket

A genius like Sachin Tendulkar is born and not made easily. The all-time legend of cricket, Sir Donald Bradman confessed in his lifetime that he had many parallels on the field to Sachin Tendulkar. Alas, the world did not have the television technology of today; otherwise many parallels could have been established between these two legends. Sachin is loved and admired by most of the cricketing brains of the world and his is a household name in all cricket playing countries. The kind of interest and passion he arouses in people's hearts, the moment he occupies the crease, is unbelievable. The joy of watching him hitting all over the field is a treat and he has the rare ability to take anybody to ecstatic planes with his phoenix-like movements on the field.


Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24, 1973 at Mumbai when the Libra lagna was rising in the eastern horizon and planetary configuration was as follows: Neptune - Scorpio, Rahu, Moon - Sagittarius, Jupiter, Mars - Capricorn, Mercury - Pisces, Sun, Venus - Aries, Saturn - Taurus, Ketu - Gemini and Uranus, Pluto in Virgo.


In his chart, exalted Mars is placed in the fourth house, giving rise to great yog called ruchuka. This yog comes under the category ofmahapurush yog. As a matter of fact, there are panch mahapurush yogs, which have the ability to take the person to the dizzy heights of his career. Jupiter has also joined Mars in the fourth house. Jupiter is in its debilitated sign, joined with exalted Mars, which cancels Jupiter’s debilitation. In other words, Jupiter is involved in a neech-bhang rajyog. Whenever in a horoscope, neech-bhang rajyog forms, it opens up new dimensions to the person’s personality. Jupiter is the lord of third house, which is very significant in any sportsman’s life because a well-fructified third house promises an excellent career for the person in his chosen field at a very early age.


The placement of Rahu and the Moon in the third house also works to his benefit. Most of the astrological seers are in great favour of malefic planets placed in the third house. Whenever the Moon and Rahu join together, then Moon tends to provide a helping hand to Rahu and most of Rahu’s negative traits turn out to be positive. It is noted that Rahu in Sagittarius is not considered very good but has made the person extremely potent.


The exalted Sun and Venus placed in the seventh house are very favourable. The Sun is the royal planet and becomes extremely powerful in its exalted sign. The Sun primarily deals with one’s will power, energy level and pride. There is no death of these in-built qualities in Sachin Tendulkar. The lord of lagna, Venus, is placed in the seventh house with its aspect on lagna providing tremendous strength and making the person level-headed. Mercury occupies Pisces, which is its debilitated sign. Since Mercury is also involved in vipreet rajyog, this again works to the person’s benefit.


Saturn occupies the eighth house in his chart. Saturn is the significator (karaka) for Libra lagna and does not lose any strength even after occupying eighth (confinement) house. In astrology, the eighth house signifies hidden treasure and whenever Saturn, being a karaka of the chart, occupies this house, it provides tremendous hidden potential to the person. This house has a lot to do with abundance of wealth.


Some of the prodigious feats made by Sachin ensued in fact on 24th!
His then record partnership of 664 runs with Vinod Kambli during a school cricket tournament happened on February 24th
Sachin got married to his wife Anjali on May 24th, and Anjali is 6 years older than Sachin
Sachin broke the world record for highest ODI runs by scoring 200 on February 24th
In his cricketing career, he has played 14 ODI matches on 24th and scored 848 runs including 3 centuries and 3 half-centuries.
In 6 test matches that were started on 24th, Sachin has scored 688 runs including two centuries and two half centuries with an average of 77 During a match versus Australia at Sharjah on April 24th (birthday) he scored 134 runs.
In WC 2011 quarterfinal match versus Australia on 24th march, Sachin scored half century paved the way for Indian triumph.